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At the Law Office of DMS, we have a different perspective on your matters.  We approach the matters in a wholistic manner, pursuing every avenue to resolve the case in an amicable manner.  When resolving the matter does not seem to be option, we examine the case on multiple dimensions to devise the best trial strategy and presentation of your case in Court.  Every case is personal to us as family law is personal law. 



Diksha Mehan Sharma, Esquire was born and raised in India until she was thirteen years old.  She had known that she wanted to be an attorney ever since the age of nine. Once she moved to the US with her family, Diksha relentlessly pursued her goal, where she went from taking ESOL classes in middle school to obtaining a full scholarship for Shepard Broad Law School, Nova Southeastern University. 


Diksha always thought that she would practice corporate transactional law until she went through a divorce at a young age.  This personal experience taught her that, although there are many good attorneys practicing family law, the combination of an effective and compassionate attorney practicing family law was rare.  She decided to focus her practice in family law and has been predominantly practicing family law for over ten years. 


Diksha understands hard work and commitment as Diksha was a single mother for many years, including those during law school.  She has focused her practice in such a way as to keep client's fees and costs in mind and will typically instruct the client to provide documents in such a manner that will decrease the fees for the firm to process said documents.  She is continuously creative in reducing fees for the clients, yet still attaining the best outcomes in Court. 


Diksha surrounds herself with a strong team as her motto is that "you are only as strong as your weakest link."  Diksha is compassionate, yet aggressive and a true fighter for her clients in the Courtroom.  While she remains committed to helping families, she is not afraid to take the fight to the other side.  Having faced adversity through her entire life, Diksha is not shy of adversity and change. She is a quick thinker on her feet in court as that is one of the main attributes needed to succeed.  She keeps herself abreast of the new legal cases to provide an edge in Court.  

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