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What Is The Legal Process Of Divorce?

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships we have in life. To share a relationship with someone which is all about dedication and love is something very significant. However, some couples are unable to sustain their marriage and take the difficult step of parting their way.

The process of filing a divorce and parting ways can seem daunting to most families. When you reach a reputed and experienced Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer, we will help you with the process of filing a petition for divorce. For the next few minutes, we hope to educate you about the process of divorce so that you could deal with such difficult circumstances in your life.

The first stage of the divorce process is the filing of the petition. The petition is a legal document which provides the Court with information related to husband, wife, children, along with property, custody, and support related requests. Once the divorce petition is filed, it has to be served on the other party. Once the other party has been served with the petition, the other party has twenty days to file their Answer or file a counter-petition listing their demands and requests. Typically, while the divorce is pending, neither party should be changing the status quo by removing, disposing or selling any assets or liabilities.

The second stage of the divorce is typically an exchange of financial documents and filing of a financial affidavit. There are specific rules which provide a list of financial documents that are mandatory for the parties to exchange including tax return, bank statement, credit card statements, and other financial documents. This disclosure includes information about income, property, and assets along with complete details of expenses and liabilities.

After an exchange of financial documents, the parties typically have to attend mediation. Mediation provides the parties with an opportunity to resolve the pending issues without the necessity of a trial. Mediation should typically be attended with an attorney as it is not recommended for a party to sign a final agreement without the review and approval of an attorney as that agreement is binding on both parties. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, then the case is set for trial in front of an assigned judge. Parties do not get to select their judge as one is randomly assigned to the case. It is important to have appropriate and experienced representation during a trial as the trial would conclude your case and provide you the final outcome. When you retain an experienced and reputed Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney, we zealously advocate for your position in Court and gather the evidence to support your positions.

We are hopeful that the above provided you with some insight into the divorce process, for further questions, please contact Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney.

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